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Important Guidelines When Giving Doggie Treats To Your Dog



Doggie treats are used to benefit dogs when they do what their owners ask them to do or for their good behavior. However, owners may be unwilling to use these treats as they're utilized more as a form of bribery than as coaching tools, and they might negatively impact dogs' behaviour rather than improving it. Yes, giving dogs treats to make them perform anything their owners want them to perform is bribery in some way, but this may yield results if performed correctly. If you want to use treats to reward your puppy, there are important guidelines that you need to take into account.


If you would like to make the most from the doggie treats you give your dog, be sure that you do your training sessions in between meals. This way, he's more motivated because he's not full. In regard to this, make sure that you don't provide the deal when he's excited. Allow him to smell it first and wait patiently. He should know that he will only get it if he behaves in a specific way.


Moreover, make sure that the treats you give your pet are healthy. Sure, you want to give him something that's appetizing and something that he will enjoy, but make certain that they are healthy at the same time. If you're giving him commercial treats, then make certain that you check the tag for the list of components and where they're manufactured. 1 good example of a healthy doggie treat is poultry jerky for dogs, that is high in protein and low in fat and appetizing at the identical time. Be sure that the product that you buy is made in the USA to be extra sure that it is safe, though, click now!


You can even make use of particular fruits and vegetables as healthy treats. However, be careful as not all of fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs to eat. Watermelons, cantaloupe, lettuce, apples, and green beans are secure. Be sure that you remove the seeds of these apples before giving them to your puppy, though. On the other hand, do not provide him grapes, avocados, tomatoes, and green and uncooked potatoes. Check out http://www.ehow.com/how_6766543_make-dog-food-lose-weight.html to understand more about dog treats.


To prevent your dog from becoming overweight as a consequence of giving him snacks, ensure that you correct his diet. You wouldn't want him to consume more calories than he needs. If he has health issues because you're not very careful in what you are giving him, then that defeats the purpose of rewarding him with doggie treats, learn more here!